Newburyport Youth Services (known as NYS) provides a combination of recreation and social services to children and families in Newburyport. Please explore our pages for programs, activities and opportunities.

Our Mission

The mission of Newburyport Youth Services is to create quality programming and events for our city’s youth in safe and supportive environments that encourage growth, self exploration and empowerment. The department also acts as an advocate for the youth, so that their ideas, concerns and needs are heard and addressed by the community of Newburyport.



08/18/2014: Wehave a lot going on at NYS! While summer programs start to wind down, we are preparing for our big move to the Brown School Building. We will be creating the Newbruyport Rec Center on the first floor.

The Fall and Winter Brochure is now available and registration will begin on August 20th. Sign up early for programs! Check our Fall and Winter Program pages.

Information on the Drop-In Center is here. Please download the flyer and registration packet on the Drop In Center page.